Modern Chinese Masters

Yu Li Cover

The idea behind the Modern Chinese Masters imprint is to highlight Chinese authors and genres of writing that are typically neglected by Anglophone publishers. Non-China based editors have arguably tended to favour for translation works that fit in with certain clichéd preconceptions about the country. According to the Modern Chinese Masters manifesto: “Each of our titles been chosen for its ability to surprise and to challenge preconceptions about Chinese fiction.”

Equally, China’s publishers and literary authorities have sometimes struggled to communicate the qualities of leading Chinese writers to Anglophone trade publishers.  This is despite growing awareness in China of the importance of star authors and rights sales to its ‘soft power’. It is hoped that Modern Chinese Masters can help more Chinese writers have the opportunity to entertain and inspire English language readers.

Each title in the Modern Chinese Masters series includes an essay introducing the author, and a specially written authorial afterword.

Read about some of the current and forthcoming titles in our Modern Chinese Masters series:

Yu Li: Confessions of an Elevator Operator by Jimmy Qi

I Love My Mum by Chen Xiwo

The Magician of 1919 by Li Er

The Road of Others by Anni Baobei